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Wifi Hack


WiFi Hack allows you to connect to any WiFi network within range, and all it takes is a couple of clicks.Wifi Hacke is a new application of free WiFi that lets you pretend to break the password of all nearby networks and gain access. It looks professional and it is the best application to prank your friends.How to use★ Go to where the wireless network is provided. The private network, WiFi wireless hotspot and tethering is all ok.★ launch our Wifi Hack and press the start button. The wireless tool will detect any wireless networks in the vicinity of which the wireless signal can be detected.★ Select the wifi id you want to crack.★ The Wi-Fi in 2015 will show fake pirate animations that analyzes information and Wi-breaking process.★ Ultimately the network password will be displayed.
Trick your friends that you can hack secure WiFi networks. Just run the application in their home and choose their wireless network name. False passwords will be displayed, but they will think you just broke into their network. Remember this app is for fun.Distinguishing feature:1. Find WiFi hotspots around you.2. Search for available WiFi with a tap3. Safe Wireless Network4. Harm nothing.5. Beautiful and Fun Prank friends.6. graphics easy to use, simple and true.7. professional and real animations key looks awesome.8. save data charges by connecting with Free WiFi hotspots9. Turn your phone as a portable access point with a tap.10. Allows WiFi in your phone.Disclaimer:Our wifi HAck is just for fun. He can not really crack the wifi passwords. If you think its funny, please give us 5 stars and we will produce more good applications for you.
PS : Thats what your friends will believe. This app actually spoofs a fake connection and in reality, works off your standard 2G/3G network. Its totally convincing since it shows a connected icon in the status bar too.